10 Reasons to adopt a Rescue Dog


(All dogs featured in this article are actual rescue dogs that we have either adopted, or fostered)

  1. First and most importantly you will be SAVING A LIFE and freeing up space for other dogs that need help

2. You will not be supporting the puppy mills that are raising dogs purely for the profit, not for the love of animals. Often these puppy mills keep their puppies in unsafe, unsanitary conditions and are over breeding

3. When you adopt from rescue or shelter, you will have long term support. The people working with these types of organizations are animal lovers, and truly care for the well-being of the animals they are working with.  Many people working for rescues and shelters have long term experience, and can offer invaluable advice on feeding, training etc.

4. Reputable organizations that work in rescuing dogs will have the pets up to date on all vaccinations and will not adopt puppies out before they are old enough.

5. Many rescue dogs are currently being housed with foster families. This gives them the experience of home, while learning house training.  The foster family most often will give you a detailed explanation of the dog’s habits, quirks and what the dog may need to continue working on.

6. When adopting a rescue dog, you have a wide range of options and ages. Not everyone is able to handle the puppy stage, and therefore may prefer a dog that has been house broken and past the puppy chewing stage.

7. Adopting a dog is generally cheaper than buying one and vaccinations and sometime spay/neuter fees will be included in the cost.

8.  Some organizations offer a test period for you to get to know the dog, and see how it fits into your life style with no judgments if something doesn’t work out.

9. Rescue dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Many are mixed breeds making for some of the most unique dogs!