About Us

My name is Jenny and I am the co-founder of Dashing Doggy which is located in Waukesha Wisconsin (20 miles west of Milwaukee WI) which was founded by myself and my husband Chris.  Because of our love of dogs and interest in quality products we founded Dashing Doggy. One of our dogs is a Cane Corso, (which is a complete baby), but not everyone sees this giant black intimidating dog the same way.  So quality and safety was very important when taking him for a walk.  We wouldn’t want him to get off his leash or break his collar and give the neighbors a good scare.  We searched store after store in our local area for a quality leather collar and leash that will not only protect the neighbors, but him as well, and yet last the test of time but we couldn’t find anything that was fitting for such a majestic dog, so we decided to create our own!

We are huge dog lovers and have 4 of our own; Bella, Max, Blue & Luna.  All of our dogs have been rescued and we are an active foster family, sometimes even bringing in entire litters.  Being a foster started out rough, we failed our first time adopting our current dog Blue, and a year later when his sister was returned to us, we adopted her as well!  We soon realized we couldn’t keep them all and learned there was a greater purpose.  To this day, we keep in contact with all our fosters new family’s and get regular updates on their progress which helps us be able to understand how much this means to not only the pups but also the families that get the pleasure of having them in lives.  You can see pictures of some of them here, and even find out of few of their stories.


From left to right-Bella, Luna, Blue, Max (on floor)

Some of the amazing pups we have had the pleasure to foster!