Dogs prove time and time again that they are part of the family and that they take their families safety very seriously. This week we have found a few hero dogs that we want to recognize.

Sophia a hero dog from Hamburg, NY saved her human mom from a fire. Gilbert a hero dog from the city of Townsville in Queensland, Australia, save his adopted mom from a burglary or worse.

In Hamburg, NY a fire broke out in a home on Chapel Glen Drive early Monday morning. This could have resulted in a tragic ending! Thanks to beautiful German Shephard named Sophie no one was injured. Sophie, an approximately six-month old Puppy, woke up her mom up around 5 – 5:30am by crying loudly enough to wake her up. Sophie’s adoptive mom Kathie then grabbed Sophie and ran out the back door to safety!

Gilbert a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Kelpie and probably other breeds recently adopted from the Townsville Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) shelter recently saved his adopted mom from a burglary or worse.

Gilbert’s adoptive mom Belle Sinclair was sleeping when Gilbert started barking and woke her up. Belle recently had back surgery and was unable to walk. She was able to crawl on the floor and open the back door to let Gilbert out. He chased the would-be intruder out of the yard, nipping at their heels. The would-be intruder was able to make it over the fence and Belle was safe thanks to Gilbert.
Gilbert’s mom says he is a good dog and only barks at the postman and burglars.