How It’s Made

Step 1:

We start by cutting a strip of leather to the appropriate width with a strap cutter

Step 2:

We then cut appropriate length of collar

Step 3.

Bevel edges for smoothness

Step 4.

Punch ends of collar

Step 5.

Lightly damp edges and smooth using edge slicker

Step 6.

Dampen leather, and punch holes

Step 7.

Cut strap of sheepskin for backing to appropriate width and length

Step 8.

Glue sheepskin back to leather and let dry

Step 9.

Trim excess sheepskin

Step 10.

Smooth edges again

Step 11.

Punch holes through sheepskin

Step 12.

Buff leather with wool pad

Step 13.

Add first coat of dye using wool dauber, let dry

Step 14.

Add second coat of dye

Step 15.

After each layer of dye a layer of pure neatsfoot oil is used to prevent cracking and drying

Step 16.

I also blow dry on medium temp working leather to soften and make more flexible

Step 17

Time to set the hardware

Step 18.

Rivets are set by hand

Step 19.

A stitching groover is used to mark where the stitching will go and give it a small inset for threading.  A stitching chisel is then used to make holes for hand-stitching to support the durability of the rivets

Step 20.

A majority of the collar is then sewed using non-electric hand operated sewing machine to get the perfect stitch

Step 21.

The end is then hand sewed using the same threading from sewing machine so that it’s one continuous stitch.  I sew from right to left, and then back from left to right giving extra durability to the rivets and strengthening your collar even more

Step 22.