How To Size

Proper fit of a collar is important.  A loose collar can easily be slipped out of putting your pooch at risk.  Loose collars also can be a hazard if your dog gets off leash it can it easily get tangled on things or caught up in branches.

A proper fit collar should not be too tight either.

Dashing Doggy collars are measured from buckle to middle hole for best fit.  In this example this collar would fit best for a dog with a 20 neck.  All collars can be worn at any hole, however using the closer holes will result in excess strap beyond buckle.

Using a flexible tape measure wrap around your dogs neck at the base of the neck where the collar will sit comfortably and securely.  As a general rule you should be able to fit two fingers under collar to make sure it is not to tight.


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If you do not have a flexible tape measure a piece of string can be used to get correct fit, and then measured on a ruler.



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