Jiff the Pomeranian recently returned from a trip the Dublin where he did some sightseeing and took time out to meet with his fans.  He truly has obtained worldwide stardom!

jiffpom visits Trinity College ☘ Ireland ?: @bucdomino

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Ok people, calm down but .@jiffpom is in Dublin! https://t.co/XVqkWwSWAw https://t.co/mCrpRw31Uy

happy st. paddy’s day ☘ SNAPCHAT JIFFPOM IN IRELAND ?

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Jiff is not only an adorably Hollywood star but he is also a huge internet star as well. He has over 2.2 million followers on Instagram. Of course the bundle of cuteness didn’t just stop with Hollywood, he is also a world record holder. He is the Guinness World Record holder for fastest dog on two legs, with both his front and back legs!!