So you have decided to adopt a puppy.  Now what?  What supplies will you need?  No worries, any reliable pet store will have staff to help with all the questions and needs of a new puppy, but here are a few things that every puppy owner will need before bringing home your new family member.



Of course this goes without saying, but it is recommended to start our right.   Good quality dog food is a must!  There are been many reports of dog food with chemicals, salmonella, and other harmful ingredients.  You can check https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-recalls/ here for the most recent recalls.

I personally prefer Fromm dog food.  Fromm makes good high quality food in several verities.  You can check for your local retailer here https://frommfamily.com/.   Whether you go with Fromm or not please do your own research before purchasing anything.


Whatever food you decide on, you will need something to put it in along with a water bowl.  Puppies are very active, and will need access to water regularly.  A dehydrated puppy goes downhill very fast and it can be very scary.  Make sure your puppy knows where the water is located and can access it.



All puppies should have a collar and leash for not only walking and potty training, but also so for training purposes.  The collar will also hold their id tag.  An id tag is important, especially in the early stages, incase puppy should get lost, it gives you a better chance of getting the puppy back and quicker.  Once you have vet appointment I recommend getting microchipped.  This insures if they should get loose or out without the collar and id tags, vets can scan this microchip for your information.  Even after microchipped still keep id tags on your pet at all times.


A crate is completely necessary for a new puppy.  As much as you think you want to spend every minute with the new family member, you can’t reasonably do that.  A crate offers several things to you and your puppy.

  • A safe place for puppy when you not able to keep a watchful eye on them (puppies get into everything-this is all part of the learning process-so to protect puppy when you can’t watch it, it should be locked in kennel to insure his safety) This should not be more than 3 hours at a time in the beginning.  Puppies need regular potty breaks and lots exercise)
  • Security for the puppy (puppies often will go in their crate on their own for safety and comfort-they need a break once in a while also)
  • A sleeping spot

Crates should not be used as a punishment, this should be a safe spot for you pup.   On that same note we allow this to be our puppies’ safe space.  If puppy goes in kennel on his own, we do not force him out or allow others inside the crate with them.  Just like people puppies need their space and alone time.

Depending on your puppy, a nice soft bed or blanket inside the crate is nice.  However, often puppies chew on such items, and can become a hazard to them.



Chew toys are also a must for new pet owners!  Just like babies, puppies teeth.  And just like babies puppies will put anything in their mouth.  This could include your shoes, furniture, or just about anything!  You will need to find some durable chew toys, and monitor puppy with these.  They often rip apart their toys causing a choking hazard.


One of the first things you will probably want to do when you get home with new puppy is clean them up.  A dog shampoo should be used! Not people shampoo.  Dogs and people have different needs when it comes to their skin and fur.  If people shampoo is used it can cause your pet to get itchy/flakey skin.



These are a few of the things you will need immediately upon bringing a new puppy into your home.  A few other supplies that you will probably want or need are listed below.

  • Best of luck with your new puppy and enjoy!
  • Brush
  • Nail clippers
  • Gates (to confine puppy to certain areas of the house)
  • Treats
  • Poop bags